On 7 January 1880 the Athletic News reported on Partick FC’s tour of Lancashire when they played matches against Turton and a Bolton & District Select team.

Several players went on to play for Partick Thistle, namely full back Jackie Beattie, forward John Inglis, and John Boag. Boag was also secretary of the Partick FC club before later joining Partick Thistle where he became President of the club.


The Partick Club of Glasgow paid their annual visit to Lancashire on Thursday, commencing with a match against the Turton F.C.—an organisation well known in Association football circle, in this part of the country. There were perhaps a couple of thousand people present; but, as a tremendously high wind prevailed and the ground lies in a very exposed situation, the spectators suffered a great amount of discomfort. The wind had also the effect of spoiling the play in every particular, for accurate kicking and passing was an impossibility.

Under the circumstances there is very little to say about the match, further than it seemed a muddle through-out, as the ball was continually passing out of the ground. Turton had the advantage of the wind in the first half, and kicking off at 2.45 p.m. prompt the ball was at once taken into the Partick quarters, and in a few minutes T. Bentley scored the first goal for the Lancashire players. This success was shortly afterwards added to by another successful shot by J. J. Bentley. The play continued to be all in favour of Turton, as their opponents could make little or no headway against the fearfully strong wind, and Turton, out of a scrummage in front of goal, scored their third point. A capital run by the Partick men was hcre made, and the work of the Scotchmen was rewarded in the shape of a goal got by C. Thompson. Half-time arrived with the score—Torten, three goals; Partick one goal, and the visitors, having the strong wind it their backs, soon put a different aspect on the game.

A long kick by Wylie landed the ball in front of the Turton goal, and Trainor, in attempting to clear his quarters, unfortunately put the ball through his own goal. After this C. Thompson and McCullum scored for the Scotchmen, and Partick were hailed winners of a fairly interesting match by five goals to three. Trainor and Tootil (backs), the Bentleys, Scowcroft, and H. Howarth (forwards) were best for the losing side; and Campbell, Hutchinson, Thompson, and McCallum were the most prominent for the Partick.

PARTICK – J. S. Campbell (captain), W. Bell, and W. Wylie, backs; R. Rowlands and J. Beattie, half backs; P. Hutchinson, C. Thompson, J. Campbell, J. McCullum, J. Inglis, and T. Curwen, forwards. Umpire : Mr. J. N. Swan.

TURTON — J. Magnall, goal ; W. Trainor and W. Mather, backs; J. Walsh and C. Tootil, half backs; J. J. and T. Bentley, T. Scowcroft, H. Howarth, J. Howarth, and P. Tootil, forwards. Umpire : W. Forrest.



This, the second match of the Glasgow team on their southern tour, took place at Halliwell, near Bolton, on Friday afternoon, there being some 2,000 spectators present. The ground was in a dreadfully sloppy condition, and at 2.25 Bolton started the ball with the advantage of a strong wind.

James Naylor and Crankshaw very soon after the start got the leather near Partick headquarters, and eventually the first-named got it past the goalkeeper, and secured the downfall of the Scotch goal. Then the Bolton representatives had a short spell of acting on the defensive, but this lasted for only about five minutes, when once more the Bolton players came to the Scotch end with a determined rush, and Crompton lifted the leather through. An appeal for hands was made, but after a somewhat lengthy dispute Bolton was allowed to have a free kick near the Scotch goal. Walsh took the task in hand, and lifting the ball nicely, it rebounded off one of the Partick players through the goal. The home team continued to trouble the northern players, the wind being greatly in their favour, but play was eventually carried to the opposite end, and here Boag scored the first goal for the visitors; and the kick-off from the centre being well returned, C. Thompson, with another successful kick, made matters equal. Just before the call of half-time, Boag and J. Campbell effected a splendid piece of dribbling, and the former made a couple of fruitless kicks at goal.

After ends hid been changed the wind dropped, and Brownlow commenced by placing the Partick goal in jeopardy, but Boag, who had relieved Campbell as goal custodian, got it away. James Naylor continued the assault. and Hardman was the third to make a shot for goal. The ball struck the bar and rebounded, when Crompton at once put it through. This was followed after a few minutes by a goal for the Scotchmen by McCullum, and matters were thus made equal, and remained so until the call of “no side,” the score being three goals each.

Sides:—BOLTON AND DISTRICT – J. Fielding (Astley Bridge), goal; J. J. Greenhalgh (Edgeware), and T. Naylor (Bolton Wanderers), backs; T. W. Hardman (Great Lever) and J. Walsh (Astley Bridge), half backs; C. Whitehead, H. Brownlow (Halliwell), J. Crompton (Olympic), T. Higham (Great Lever), J. Crankshaw (Bolton Wanderers), and James Naylor (All Saints’ Bolton), forwards. T. Rostron, umpire.

PARTICK —J. S. Campbell (captain), goal; W. Bell and W. Wylie, backs; R. Rowlands and J. Beattie, half backs; P. Hutchinson, C. Thompson, J. Campbell, T. M’Cullum, J. Ingles [sic], and J. N. Boag, forwards. Umpire, Mr. J. N. Swan.

S. Green, referee.


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