Partick Thistle v Dumbarton 19th January 1884


Mr Alex Rose, secretary of Partick Thistle writes:
The Dumbarton team did not put in an appearance at our ground on Saturday last, after a crowd of between three and four thousand had assembled, about half of whom had paid for admission, nor did the cup holders send any apology. Before making comment the Thistle awaits an explanation.”

Mr Alex M’A Kennedy, Honorary Secretary, Dumbarton FC writes:
“I am not guilty of answering all the anonymous articles which appear regarding Dumbarton Football Club, and should have treated this one with contempt were it not for the sake of the spectators who paid for admission. The latter certainly deserve an explanation, but not at our hands. Our committee did everything in its power to get up a team for Saturday, but failed, and on Friday I wired as follows to Mr Halley, president of the Thistle, with whom I had been in communication:-

“Very, very sorry cannot possibly get a team. Forced to postpone match. Had a fair scratch team till this morning. Will endeavour to give another date.”

I have therefore no hesitation in saying that the public deserve an explanation from the Thistle. Why did the Thistle open their field under the pretence of a match with Dumbarton when the match was off; or worse still, why did they uplift money, and that from one half only, when they knew Dumbarton would not be at Partick?”

Mr Joseph Halley, President, Partick Thistle, writes:
I have to state that no telegram, letter or other communication has been received by me from the Dumbarton club. I am now in communication with the PO telegraph department re the missing telegram, and if it turns up it will settle everything. Under these circumstances, it seems that neither club is to blame, but the PO for the non-delivery of the telegram. I have to apologise, on behalf of the club, to the many people who were disappointed. Hoping that the like won’t happen again.”

Alex M’A Kennedy, Honorary Secretary, Dumbarton FC writes:
“In a note from the Dumbarton postmaster he says “My assistant states that he has a perfect recollection of sending the message referred to in your note. Had it failed to reach the addressee we would have been advised by a service message, a copy of which would have been sent to you.””

Richard Hobson, Postmaster, writes:
“I beg to inform you that the telegram in question was handed in at Dumbarton as stated, but I cannot find any trace of it having reached Glasgow. The matter has been referred to the surveyor for the district in which Dumbarton is situated.”

No further correspondence was printed in the newspapers on this subject.


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