Overnewton Park


1998 photo of the  Overnewton siteAlthough histories of the club have placed the first home ground at Kelvingrove Park, there are no contemporary reports to support this claim. Rather, match reports indicate that games were played at Overnewton Park, which was just over Dumbarton Road from Kelvingrove, and may have been regarded as part of the large West End Park, part of which later became Kelvingrove. Nevertheless, Overnewton Park is named specifically, and games were described as being played “at Overnewton, ground of (Partick Thistle)”. Little is known of the ground, although at this stage in the development of football in Scotland, few teams had private grounds, playing on areas with public access. Many local clubs such as Partick Violet and Partick Ramblers played at Overnewton and cricket was played on the park in the summer months.

In 1889 it was reported that Overnewton Park had been neglected because of the International Exhibition, which was taking place across Dumbarton Road in Kelvingrove Park. No further details are given to the neglect, but it is noted that the pitches had been moved to Clayslips (sic), which is presumably close to Clayslaps Road, in the vicinity of Overnewton Square.

The site, at Overnewton Square, is now bordered by modern housing, while a grassy play area still exists, alongside a playground and the Overnewton Square Recreation Centre. A makeshift goal has been erected on the grass.


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