The Motherwell Times reported a disturbance after the Motherwell v Partick Thistle match in August 1899 which Thistle won 3-1.

A FOOTBALL Row.—William Kelvie, riveter, Muir Street, Motherwell and Thomas Nisbet, rivet-heater, residing in Partick, were charged with creating a disturbance at the Railway Station on Saturday night. Nisbet failed to appear, and forfeited a pledge of 20s. Kelvie pleaded not guilty and evidence was led.

It appears that a crowd of footballers from Partick were leaving the station with the 8 o’clock train, and accused got into an argument with them. The argument was followed by blows and a melee followed on the platform. Kelvie was the originator of the whole disturbance, as the others had several times refused to quarrel with him, but he always returned to the door of the railway carriage, and the fight commenced. A fine of £1 or 15 days was imposed.


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