Archive footage of the 1921 Scottish Cup Final can be viewed on the Pathe News website.

Biographies of the eleven players who represented Thistle in this game can be found in the Partick Thistle Legends book, which is now sold out from most outlets. At the time of writing, Amazon have some copies available.


7 Responses to 1921 Scottish Cup Final film

  1. i am the grandson of willie bulloch, who was captain of partick thistle when they won the scottish cup in 1921. i’m a glaswegian living in australia. it saddens me that fans cannot see the 1921 scottish cup achive film that was available on your website. does anyone know where i could find a copy of the film footage of this final?

  2. Niall Kennedy says:

    Thanks for your comment Billy. I have included a link to another version of the 1921 film, on the British Pathe website. I note that you can buy your own copy, for £30.

  3. Ian Johnstone says:

    My grandfather David Johnstone played in this winning team, in the video he can be seen running on to the field at start of match, last man out of the tunnel.

  4. Doug Blair says:

    My grandad was Johnny Blair. Does any one know of any his res team pictures ?

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