Just prior to the start of the 1901-02 season, which saw Partick Thistle back in the Second Division, the Evening Times offered their preview of the season ahead.

Although relegated to the Second League, the Partick Thistle look forward to the coming season without the slightest tremor, and their ambition will be to again qualify for First Division honours. In this connection they have had a varied career. First promoted in 1897, the maintained their position the following year, but were reduced to Second League rank in 1898, only, however, to be again promoted last year; so that this is their third appearance in the ranks of the Second Leaguers.

Last year £380 was paid in transfer fees, so that money was not spared in securing men whom the executive thought were the best procurable; and with the biggest wages bill in the club’s history, nothing but disappointment and disgust, instead of success and satisfaction, rewarded the executive for their enterprise.

This year quite a different plan has been followed, and no extravagant transfer fees have been incurred, but the committee have worked hard to get together a strong team, compatible with a due regard to economy. Of last season’s team, eight have been signed on again, while the losses are Fletcher, Kay, Haggart, Proudfoot, Atherton, Gibbons and Hyslop.

Fifteen players have been signed on up to date, but one or two additions may yet be made. The following is the list:

Robert Campbell

Robert Campbell

Goal, Wilkie; backs Campbell and A.Wilson; half-backs Harvey, Gailey (Clydeside Wanderers), and Lamont; forwards Wilson (Rangers), Kerr (Clydesdale Wanderers), Spence, Reid, Muirhead, Cousar (Irvine Meadow XI), Fairbairn (Celtic), and Conner (late Vale of Leven and Hearts). Walker, of Lanemark, a clever half back, has been signed as an amateur, whilst the club will also have the services, when required, of amateurs Paul and Kirkland.

This is a good list, and the only difficulty to be faced is how to utilise the players to the best advantage. The left wing forwards are in the majority, but several of these, such as Reid and Muirhead, are quite capable of adapting themselves to other positions. Practice has been going on for the last two weeks, under the directions of the trainer, John Nutt, who has the playing pitch in bowling green order. The officials are practically the same as last season, with the exception of presidentship, which is now filled by Mr William Ward, who is proving very popular, and, as an old player, has the necessary experience. It has been arranged that St Bernards open Meadowside on the 15th; thereafter the League schedule will be proceeded with.


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