Important note – During the period that this publication deals with, a team existed in the south of Glasgow called Glasgow Thistle, or commonly Thistle. There also existed a club called Partick FC, or Partick. For ease of writing “Thistle” will refer to Partick Thistle, while “Partick” will refer to Partick FC and never Partick Thistle.

It is generally accepted that the early years of a child’s life form the psyche which will remain with the child for the rest of it’s life. This being the case it is also true that the years following the formation of many of our football clubs affects and moulds the future of these clubs. Both Rangers and Celtic continued to show signs of their early years throughout their hundred-year-plus lives, as have Partick Thistle since the birth of the club all those years ago.

In the very early years the club was a focus of local identity and pride, as witnessed by the enthusiastic support given the new team by the proud inhabitants of the village of Partick. Although the new club grew in size and reputation among the football world, with the ability to play the top teams, and beat them, came a feeling that “our club was better than credit was given for”. And who is to say that this feeling was wrong. However, if the followers of the Thistle were convinced of the stature of their club, then often those entrusted with the upholding of status – the players, sometimes were not. It must have been annoying then as it is now, to see a team built up only to be forced to start again as those with superior financial clout tempted the players to pastures greener.

This project is very much a labour of love which will be continued, and perhaps even, finished when time allows. Your comments, input and any information which these pages may not carry are welcome. Particularly useful would be contemporary match reports from an “away” perspective, especially of tour matches in England or Ireland. Please e-mail with your thoughts.

These pages are dedicated to my father, Alan, who gave me respect for the past, and a love of Partick Thistle. He’s to blame.


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  1. jim rooney says:

    hi,my mum has always said that her father,jim wilkie from tayport once played for partick thistle.any info,??.much appreciated.

    • Niall Kennedy says:

      Hi Jim

      I have no records of a Jim Wilkie playing for the club. However, you might contact Stuart Deans – stuthejag at – he has better reserve team records than I do.


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