Thanks to ongoing research by author William Sheridan, myself, Stuart Deans and Jack Little, the extensive article on the career and life of Willie Paul has been updated, featuring previously unknown details.

Statistics have been updated to show Willie’s goal tally to be 228 (rather than the 218 previously recorded) and with an incredible 467 goals unaccredited during the 17 seasons in which he was active in the first team there’s every likelihood that he has scored more goals than Willie Sharp. That might still be confirmed if details of the mising goals can be discovered, and that search continues.

The article also expands on his early career with Partick Elm, explains his mysterious absence in 1885-86, expands upon his extra-curricular activities, most notably with the Queen’s Park, and introduce some more personal life detail, notably the still-born baby tragedy in 1910.

You can read Willie Paul – The First Partick Thistle Giant here.


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